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After JD Gaming shocked Team WE out of the LPL playoffs yesterday, today the rookies from SinoDragon delivered another upset. In a dominant 3-0 series, SDG eliminated EDward Gaming from the running and secured top 6 in their first ever LPL split.

SinoDragon’s regular season was one of ups and downs, but the rookies showed they can beat anyone. Although they struggled against some of the top teams this season like, including EDG, their victories versus RNG, TOP and Suning were enough to warrant their appearance at the LPL playoffs. Led by the best rookie jungler in the league, Wang “Xiaopeng” Peng, SinoDragon were able to find their strength and roll with it, which included knowing how to make the best use of their comfort picks.

EDG knew that target-banning the small champion pool of SDG would be the way to go and they had the right idea who to lock out most of the time. In Game 1, Xiaopeng was banned from Rek’Sai, Lee Sin and Kindred — his three most used champions — but he still showed big on Olaf, absolutely shutting out Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin in the jungle. Similar bans came out for Game 2, targetting not only Xiaopeng’s best but also Huang “Twila” Ting-Wei’s Lissandra, but even with a change in jungle from Haro to Ming “Clearlove” Kai, EDG couldn’t find a way to victory.

By Game 3, EDG were already lost in the draft phase and no longer knew what to ban. They opted for flex bans against both Twila and Mark, but that left Xiaopeng’s signature Rek’Sai open, as well as Jayce for Changhong. EDG kept up with the kills but objective control was fully in SDG’s hands. A devastating Kai’Sa from Chen “GALA” Wei earned the MVP title for Game 3 as SinoDragon coined an unexpected 3-0 sweep over the heavy favorites.

SinoDragon go against TOP next and that’s not a match that a fan can miss. SDG actually bested TOP in the regular season, once again by the power of Xiaopeng’s Rek’Sai. Game 2 of that series even saw SinoDragon take an 18K gold lead over 47 minutes and if TOP want to get out of that series alive, they ought to think really hard about drafting well for the early game.

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