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The LPL Summer Playoffs is now in the semifinals and only four teams remain. The play resumes this Saturday, August 31, and the final is two weeks from now, September 6.

EDG’s Worlds streak ends with BLG

In the top half of the bracket, Bilibili Gaming traded game for game with EDward Gaming to ultimately win the quarterfinal series 3-2. Jungler Zeng “Meteor” Guo-Hao was instrumental to BLG’s win — as he’s been all season long — and is on track to become the MVP of the playoffs in only his second split in the LPL. Meteor shocked the audience by pulling a Shyvana in game 1, a champion that hasn’t been played even once in the major regions this year, and piloting her to a 1/0/7 finish, catching EDG completely off-guard.

For the latter games, however, Meteor switched to his more standard, comfort picks, and dominated EDG on his favorite Olaf to win games 3 and 5 and push BLG to the semifinals.

With their early elimination here and poor performance in the Spring Split, EDward Gaming don’t have enough points to qualify for the Regional Finals and for the first time in org’s history, EDG will not be at the League of Legends World Championship.

Uzi is back

RNG had much to prove coming into the quarterfinal against LNG Esports, especially after LNG’s surprising 3-0 sweep of Invictus Gaming. Luckily for their fans, RNG came swinging big, with their Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao playing some terrifying games.

Across the four-game series, Uzi scored 32 kills total, ending with a total KDA of 32/10/17. Even in the one game RNG lost, Uzi’s Xayah finished at 13/5/11 but even he couldn’t stop Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun’s Akali which dominated the top lane to carry BLG to a hard-fought win at minute 41. The loss also marks the end of LNG’s Worlds chances and their 3-0 win against Invictus Gaming, while impressive, remains meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Who is still in the Worlds race?

FPX, iG and TOP Esports have all tallied enough points to secure places in the Regional Finals at the very least. FPX and iG lead the standings with 90 points, but should TOP prevail over RNG, they would join FPX as the top 2 points earners.

At the time of writing, BLG, RNG and JDG have not secured Regional Finals spot and there are two spots left. JDG’s failure to make the Summer Playoffs might cost them, although they are still in the lead with 70 points to RNG’s 50 and BLG’s 40. At least one of BLG and RNG will take one of the Regional Finals spot (even if they lose the semifinals, one of these teams will take 70 points by finishing third in the Summer Split and beat JDG’s record). The only way JDG makes the Regional Finals is BLG and RNG losing the semifinals, in which case the winner of the 3rd place match plus JDG will make the Regional Finals.

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