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Photo by: LCK Flickr

Two of the best teams in the LCK will play each other this Friday, Mar. 8, standing out as the must-watch series of the week. At 09:00 CET, SK Telecom T1 takes on Griffin.

The face-off is a rematch from week 3, when Griffin trampled SKT with a convincing 2-0, including a flawless 9-0 game 1. The series helped Chovy reach a history 104 KDA, becoming the main story in League of Legends for that week.

Three weeks later, Griffin are still undefeated at 10-0 and have dropped only one game for a score of 20-1. While his enemies have started getting the hang of killing him here and there, Chovy still sits at a ridiculous 27.75 KDA — the best mid laner in the LCK by a mile.

But Chovy is not alone and Griffin’s players are the only ones with a double-digit KDA. Tarzan is second in the eague with 15.19, followed by Viper at 12.47. Every single position on Griffin is brimming with talent, making SKT’s job on Friday very difficult.

What’s going well for SKT is that they’ve won four of their last five games. While Faker is not putting up godlike numbers, AD Carry has been gaining form, now playing for an established roster and not struggling to make a difference at Jin Air Green Wings. Like last time, the duels mid between Faker/Clid and Chovy/Tarzan, as well as the ADC face-off beween Teddy and Viper bot will be the main entertainment.

Whichever team loses, they will at least sleep calmly, knowing their playoffs berth is secure. The seeding in the bubble race is under question still, however.

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