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One of the best Dota 2 teams, Team Secret, has expanded into Riot Games’ competitive MOBA League of Legends. Secret will be competing in the Vietnamese VCS league, as they’ve signed the entire roster of Lowkey Esports, the org confirmed Thursday.

“Legends are reborn and ready to dominate the rift! Team Secret is proud to announce our Worlds-calibre LOL Team, now competing in the Vietnam Championship Series Sprint Split 2020,” Secret write in a since-deleted Tweet.

Considering that all franchise slots in the major leagues are taken, signing one of the best VCS rosters is a good way to enter League of Legends for Team Secret. The Vietnamese scene has been growing better and better with the years, with many arguing for it being the fifth strongest region in the world, even before the disbandment of Taiwan’s LMS. Last year, Lowkey Esports finished second in the VCS and made it to the World Championship Play-in Playoffs, where a dominant DAMWON Gaming ended their run.

Lowkey’s roster ā€” now under the Team Secret banner ā€” is keeping a good pace in the VCS two weeks in, sitting at 2-1, their only loss to Dashing Buffalos.

Team Secret LoL roster

  • Top: Hani, Coated
  • Jungle: Dnk
  • Mid: Artifact
  • Bot: Celebrity
  • Support: Yin, Venus
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