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Photo by: Riot Games

When they met, Team WE and EDward Gaming were worlds apart in the LPL. The first was on 15th place without a single game win. The second was top 5 and lauded as one of the favorites to make playoffs. At times, EDG looked shaky, but never to the impotency of WE. This should’ve been a whitewash. But it wasn’t.

Fans of WE — one of the oldest esports organizations in China — has been waiting for them to wake up and they finally did. The red jerseys opened strong in game 1, taking the first six kills and throwing EDG in a state of perplexity.

With all their experience, however, EDG recovered. By the 30-minute mark, they had equalized the gold score, despite being six kills behind. They were starting to catch up to WE’s heroes which was what they wanted: a late-game face-off against a six-item Vayne would be a nightmare. Even in teamfights, though, WE were still better.

This was an important win for Team WE, who needed every single advantage they could get against EDG. Yet even with the early lead and the fight shown above, the game went on for 20 more minutes, going deep into the late game. With everyone on six items, power spike margins were close, but Mystic’s Vayne was still three-shotting people and not even the tanky champions of EDG could afford it.

Pumped with confidence, Team WE were much more dominant in game 2. Magic’s Olaf was a terror in the early game and set up his top and bot laners with a handful of early kills. The map control then transitioned into an uncontested 23-minute Baron and 8k gold lead at which point not even EDG could do a damn about it.

This 0-2 loss now drops EDG to 8th place in the LPL standings, below SinoDragon. Team WE, on the other hand, climb up three spots and place 12th between Victory 5 and Rogue Warriors. WE’s next game will be against one of the LPL ranking leaders, FunPlus Phoenix, on Feb. 17 and a clean win there could potentially slingshot them into the top 8.

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