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Today, North American mainstay and certified meme machine, William “Meteos” Hartman, announced his very first foray into free agency. In 2018, Meteos spent time with both the 100 Thieves and Flyquest as each team’s starting jungler. Meteos made the 2018 NA LCS Spring Finals with 100 Thieves before being traded to Flyquest in the summer for Andy “AnDa” Hoang. With Flyquest, he spent the Summer Split on Flyquest academy, earning 3rd/4th place honors overall.

Meteos is a fan-favorite in North America and for good reason — Meteos has played in six NA LCS finals, taking three titles for himself with Cloud9. Meteos has also attended three World Championships, taking Cloud9 to top 8 at the event each time. As one of the most consistent and sociable players in the LCS, he will certainly be prioritized in North America as a starting jungler.

Meteos isn’t necessarily the superstar farmer that he was in the past — the game just doesn’t work that way anymore — but he connects with fanbases in a way that most players cannot. Meteos has also been a professional player since 2013, bringing a valuable veteran presence to any team that he joins. Overall, he proves to be a valuable signing from both a branding and team-building perspective.

In the past, Meteos has stated that he’s not interested in playing on Academy teams, but that is certainly an option if he chooses to entertain it once again. However, given his track record and success, it is unlikely that will occur. Free agency began in League of Legends all around the world today and only more free agents will come forward in the coming days. Meteos is not the first fan-favorite to elect for free agency and he most likely won’t be the last.

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