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Dillon Francis to play DJ set at Overwatch League Grand Finals

Dillon Francis is a big fan of Overwatch.

Are the changes to Rampart’s ultimate enough?

Despite a recent buff to her ultimate that’s a great change for the legend, Rampart’s abilities don’t make much sense

Chengdu Hunters, Los Angeles Gladiators eliminated from Overwatch League 2021 playoffs

Even the 2021 MVP couldn’t hard carry his team to victory.

The last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter will be revealed during ‘The Final Mr. Sakurai Presents’ on Oct. 5

Prepare for the final reveal.

ChannelFireball to host 3-day Magic: The Gathering event in Las Vegas

Proof of vaccination is required.

Shanghai Dragons and LIP apologize for ‘inappropriate language’ heard on broadcast

The DPS player used profanity and a slur towards his opponents during a player comms segment.

Overwatch D.Va bomb goes better than expected thanks to enemy Roadhog

Sometimes the enemy team just helps you out.

Nintendo UK and Gfinity team up for Splatoon Inkfest tournament

Is your squid squad ready?

Latin American team in the Wild Rift: Horizon Cup will be decided at the Lolcito Salvaje Abierto Finals

It will happen as an offline event in Mexico City.

Wild Rift: Horizon Cup 2021 will not be the “first Wild Rift Worlds”

Riot wants to create a separate world championship for the mobile game.

Philadelphia Fusion, Washington Justice eliminated from Overwatch League 2021 playoffs

Two teams are heading back home after fierce battles in the playoff bracket.