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It’s becoming cheaper and cheaper to play Artifact. Today, January 3, the cost for a full collection of the Call to Arms card set hit an all-time low. At the time of posting, getting three of every card and one of every hero costs just over $120. Earlier the same day, you could buy all the cards for measly $81.

As it’s always with economy markets, this drop in value has a good and bad side. The upside is that playing Artifact has never been cheaper. Even the most powerful, rares-imbued decks don’t cost as much as they used to a month ago. The price of Mono Blue Controls, for example, has dropped to about $27 — twice as low as it was before the holidays. Cards like Axe and Drow Ranger are getting cheaper by the minute. Axe is currently at about $7.33, approximately a third of the cost it had on launch day. Drow Ranger has fallen to just $3 a piece and so RG Ramp decks are also very cheap now.

The downside is that making a profit off of the game is becoming impossible: most cards cost pennies and with the constant outflow of players, there’s hardly anyone to sell to. According to, the estimated value of card packs is also shredded. In the shop, each pack goes for $2, but with the market in collapse, it will only net you about $1.16 of card value on average. This makes even Keeper Draft — previously the most optimal method to open your packs — an unattractive endeavor.

Going back two weeks, a full Artifact collection sold for an average of $150.

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