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Blizzard is going back to its roots and has rebranded one title and offering more prize money for that title and more. The Arena World Championships return for 2019 and well as the Mythic Dungeon Invitation in what should be an exciting time for all the teams involved as they battle for cash and glory. More opportunities for teams and players abound in this new system.

The Arena World Championship will be in similar form as last year—but with some twists and turns assured to keep the events interesting and engaging.


The North American and European regions will play two Arena seasons each, with six individual cups per season. Each cup will see teams battle for their share of a USD $10,000 prize pool for a total $60,000 in cup prize purse money. The $60,000 is a significant increase in prize money and with more cups comes more chances for players to win. Playing in each cup, teams will be awarded points and the top four point-earners per season from both NA and EU will compete for a USD $100,000 prize pool in the championship finals. The first cup begins on Feb. 8 and teams can signup until Monday, Jan. 28, at 10 a.m. PDT/6 p.m. CET.

The Asia-Pacific, China, and Latin America  regions will run cups based on the Arena World Championship ruleset. Signups for Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Australia/New Zealand, China, and Latin America will kick off later in the year. Keep an eye on regional channels for more information.

At the end of the year and all seasons complete, Blizzard will celebrate the global scope and growth of Arena with the Arena World Championship Finals. Invitations will be given to:


1st place from NA and EU Season 1
1st and 2nd place from NA and EU Summer Finals
Top point-earner from NA and top point-earner from EU
Winners of the China, APAC, and Latin America finals.

But wait, there’s more!

Blizzard also announced the Mythic Dungeon International for 2019—a seasonal competition that will showcase the world’s best dungeon-running teams. The rebranding of the name was made in order to better reflect the increased scope and global reach of the title.

The MDI will be split into two regions featuring East and West: MDI East (China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Australia/New Zealand) and MDI West (North America, Latin America, and Europe).

From the release:


The Proving Grounds are a qualification period open to any player with a Blizzard account in good standing. Think you’ve got what it takes to be Mythic Dungeon International champions? Grab a team of five players and prove it! All you and your team need to do is complete five level 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeons in time between February 26 and March 12. (Note: Keystone level is subject to change, and will be determined sometime after the start of Season 2, on Jan. 22.) If successful, you and your team will be granted access to the Tournament Realm, where you will be able to create max-level characters, equip them with the items you feel are most optimal, and build out talents as you please. You and your team will have access to the Tournament Realm for the duration of the season.

Each season, those who have gained access to the Tournament Realm via the Proving Grounds will be able to participate in Time Trials—a limited number of attempts at the week’s dungeons during a designated time period, of which your team’s best results will be submitted automatically. Each week will alternate between East and West, beginning with the Time Trial in ending in the week’s Cup, a double-elimination bracket featuring the top eight teams for that week’s region. All teams on the Tournament Realm will be able to run in their region’s Time Trials every alternating week, which means more opportunities to participate in Cups.

Each Cup for MDI East and MDI West will be broadcast live on Twitch each weekend across six weeks. There is a USD $12,000 prize pool per Cup, as well as MDI points.
Points will be awarded each week according to results, which will be used to determine who will be invited to each end-of-season LAN final.
The end-of-season LAN events will be cross-regional, meaning the best teams of MDI East and MDI West will meet to race for their share of USD $100,000.
The Proving Grounds for MDI Season 1 for both East and West will begin the week of February 26, when keystone affixes roll over. Closer to the event we will share more information about how to participate, qualification specifics, and more.

However the most exciting news is that Blizzard has jumped on the crowd-sourcing of prize pool money by giving some of the proceeds from some merchandise back in the prize pool.

From the release:

As both Arena and MDI grow, we want to give fans a chance to further support the programs—and have some fun along the way! Soon we will introduce two new in-game toys to our shop (details to follow). A portion of the sale of these toys will contribute to the prize pools for both WoW esports programs.

These toys will go on sale in the spring. As the proceeds will contribute to the year’s final LAN event prize pools for AWC and MDI, those prize pools will be announced later this year.

We can’t wait to get things started. Be sure to follow World of Warcraft on Twitter and Twitch to stay up to date on all the latest WoW esports news, and bookmark so you don’t miss a thing!

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