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Update 21:00 CET, Jan. 7

Mango confirmed on Twitter that his Twitch ban will last for 7 days. He further added that his passing out was merely a joke, as he “wanted to take a break.”

Original news:

Joseph “Mango” Marquez will have to take a break from Twitch for some time. The former back-to-back EVO champion passed out drunk during a live stream, celebrating a win of his NFL team Philadelphia Eagles, only to get a ban from Twitch shortly thereafter.

Cloud9’s Smasher is considered one of the all-time greats in Smash with repeat EVO titles from 2013 and 2014 and is the only player to score The Big House hat-trick. The American recently returned with a bronze from Smash Summit 7, but will have to stay on the broadcast down low until Twitch lift their punishment.

There’s no telling when that will be either. Drunk streams are nothing uncommon, be it for Mango himself or for the platform in general. Ban timeouts vary, but are usually nothing too prolonged. If overtly sexual material gets treated with only a 3-day ban, Mango’s little drunk stunt will likely only keep him away for a day or two as well.

Mango’s case is yet another in a long string of broadcast controversies on the biggest streaming platform. The first week of 2019 alone has seen streamers involved in domestic assault being able to return to the platform, albeit not for long, and others getting banned for accidentally going topless. We’ve seen women rolling marijuana joints off other women’s butts and streamers getting blowjobs on live broadcasts, making for one bizarre and not at all pretty January for Twitch.

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