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Esports fans and games enthusiasts know gaming headsets when they see them. Whether it’s the elongated microphone jutting out from one of the earpieces or simply the way the ear pieces fit oh so slightly different from that of headphones designed for music play. HyperX, the makers behind the Cloud Mix headset, are looking to give you the best of both worlds, by allowing you to connect to your PC or music device by way of 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth. Is this headset a game changer that can compete with brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre™ and other PC headset brands? Let’s take a look.

Mix comes with a price tag of around $200 (Amazon) which with the three ways to connect and two microphones (one built-in, one attachable), looks to be a great deal. Sitting on what appears to be the same frame as the popular and very comfortable Cloud II chasis, gamers see a recognizable headset with some advanced features.Signature HyperX comfort and durability

This is a headset that works with just about anything. The Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to you PC, phone, and other consumer products that have Bluetooth connectivity as well as a straight 3.5 stereo jack or a splitter in which you can hit both the mic and headphone connection of any PC.

Per usual, HyperX knows what comfortable ear cups feel like in their products. Even with all the new bells and whistles added to this product, the ears cups are just as comfy. However, the headrest has just a bit more padding and feels fluffy yet secure on your head.

One of the best features of the headset is that it comes with two microphones, one built-in and one detachable mic. HyperX got it right by using the same boom mic it uses on its other models. A universal mic can sure save the day if something goes wrong and you already own something like the Cloud or Cloud II.

If there was one slight drawback, I’d like to see a bit more battery life, but the 20 hours you get is plenty for PC use and you will probably only have to charge it once every two to three days. For people like me that may be traveling international for multiple days at a time, I would have loved to see another 4 hours packed into this thing. Not a huge deal and not even close to a deal breaker.

There are definitely ways that you can conserve battery life, however. When you are plugged in, the headset uses none of the charge built up in the battery. Pure normal operations. Charging the head set is done through a USB cable using a MicroUSB port that is located on the right ear cup.

HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for less distortion

If I had to pick the best new feature from this headset, it’s the built-in microphone. As mentioned before this headset has two mics, but having the ability to use the headset with my phone while not looking like I am on the desk at an esports event is great.

Lastly, the sound coming out of this headset is great. According to their official web site, “The Cloud MIX is Hi-Res Audio Certified (wired) and cranks out rich, high-resolution audio with a frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz. Hear depth and details and get truly immersed in your gaming and audio entertainment.”  The stereo audio plays well during gaming sessions and listening to music.

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