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No photo description available.Welcome to a new Thursday column where, together, we will journey through the gaming expanse where I will share my unabashed thoughts on everything from esports to scandals to anything worth talking about. The first edition starts…now.

S1mple is the Mike Trout of CS:GO. Poor guy. I really wish he would switch to a team that could win Majors. He has matured and developed into a fantastic player. Best in the world.

The Continental League, the top-level of professional League of Legends competition in Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States issued a ruling that should have some wondering who is behind the actual decision-making. Get this…

“In the game against Vaevictis, the ROX team banned 5 support champions during the selection / blocking phase. Although formally this is not prohibited by the rules, and Riot Games, and the wide gaming community of League of Legends, took this as a manifestation of disrespect for the players of the Vaevictis Esports team.”

Apparently, this goes against some “guideline” as stated in some manual. Guess what? Guidelines aren’t rules. Here’s where it gets good…

Continental League Regulations Guideline:

10.2.4 Discrimination and humiliation of honor and dignity. Team members are prohibited from insulting the honor and dignity of a country, an individual or a group of people by means of scornful, discriminatory or degrading honor and dignity of words, expressions or actions indicating race, color, nationality, state and social identity attitudes, financial and other status, origin, sexual orientation and other personal characteristics.

What five support champions hate the Baltic States so vehemently? How in the world can you come to the conclusion that by looking at a draft, they are somehow discriminating or defiling the honor of one’s country? But I have a solution!

I say at the point that the offended team was offended, they should have gotten up and demanded that five, 1v1 duels take place to restore their honor!

Some streamers make more in a month than you make in two to three years of work. Look up the numbers for Shroud and Ninja. I’m too depressed to show you the numbers.

It seems the Major system Valve uses for CS:GO is really the only safeguard that tries and keep rosters together.

I was using the AUG before most of you.

Is there a lack of esports consultants? I am not seeing those guys peddling their wares 24/7 like they used to.

Riot Games has greatly reduced the number of Challenger slots and then seemed to try to obfuscate the truth. Now way they would do that, right? Uh…

“We didn’t clearly message our changes to the number of Challenger slots in each region. Basically, we grouped regions of similar size and assigned slots accordingly to optimize for competition. Sizes are 50, 200, and 300. Full breakdown below. #ranked2019 #loldev”

Notice he still wouldn’t say, shrink, reduced, downsized? Yee-haw propaganda!

Karma exists.

Two CS:GO players losing a parent in the same week during the biggest event of the year. Just soul crushing.

Stewie has found his home. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of OpTic, Liquid (former), and Cloud9.

Will Duncan find another Major to analyze? Willkommen in berlin?

Will Jace Hall ever come out of his social media bunker?

With each battle royale game that comes out and gets hot, is there enough room in the esports eco system for them all to survive? People love a new and shiny game.

They call me “Pops” in the news room. I actually like it.

What I don’t like is that when people get famous, land a gig, or win awards, they change. And not for the better, usually.

That’s all I got for now… See you next Thursday.

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