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We all know that all PC mice are not the same. If you look at the extremes, you’ll see that some have more buttons than a keyboard and others have the weirdest shapes imagined. However, every once in a while a mouse comes along that makes so much sense in terms of its simplicity and function, you know it’ll become a staple of your PC setup. Such is the case with the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB.

The Pulsefire Surge RGB mouse comes with an economical price tag of $69.99 and performs as well as any mouse out there. HyperX is parlaying their expertise from years of making quality PC ram to the PC peripheral market and has a slam dunk here for regular use or playing first-person shooters.

While the RGB 360-degree lighting is a gorgeous effect, it’s what’s under the hood at the sales price that impresses the most. This mouse comes with the top of the line Pixart PMW3389 sensor that has a native DPI of up to 16000 and can be adjusted in-game with the mouse wheel. The integrated IR LED and 400ips/50g speed of the sensor is faster than you will ever need, but is very nice to have. The performance of this mouse is unquestionable in terms of never missing a movement, direction change, or quick-flick. The performance is solid.

However, there must have been somebody at HyperX that did their research and figured out that the average hand size of the adult male in the United States is 7.44 inches from wrist to tip of middle finger and 7.1 for women. Additionally, the average size for hand width for males is 3.5 inches and 3.1 in women.

From data collected at gripboard

The Pulsefire Surge’s dimensions fit so perfectly inside the palm of your hand if you are an average sized person. The 4.7 inch length of the mouse allows  a person with regular sized or even smaller hands to get a great feel. The size of the mouse and the position of the forward and back buttons on the thumb side are also well placed so that they fit within the natural reach of your fingers. This is a huge relief for people who have had to reach and take their hand slightly off the mouse in order to press these buttons.

If there was one criticism to levy at this mouse it would be that it does not allow a change in weight. Some may find the mouse a little light, but not light enough to fly away on you. If they make another version of this mouse, adding the ability to make it a bit heavier with weights would make this in our eyes the perfect mouse for everyday use and getting after it with first-person shooters.



Ergonomic: Symmetrical
Sensor: Pixart PMW3389
Resolution: Up to 16,000 DPI
DPI presets: 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI
Speed: 450ips
Acceleration: 50G
Buttons: 6
Left/right buttons switches: Omron
Left/right buttons durability: 50 million clicks
Backlight: RGB (16,777,216 colours)
Light effects: Per-LED RGB lighting1 and 4 brightness levels
Onboard memory: 3 profiles
Connection type: USB 2.0
Polling rate: 1000Hz
USB data format: 16 bits/axis
Dynamic coefficient of friction: 0.13µ2
Static coefficient of friction: 0.20µ2
Cable type: Braided
Weight (without cable): 100g
Weight (with cable): 130g
Dimensions: Length: 120.24mm
Height: 40.70mm
Width: 62.85mm
Cable length: 1.8m


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