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(Photo: Blizzard)

With the Lunar New Year for 2019 underway, it is time for some new skins. The Year of the Pig brings a new look for many of your favorite Overwatch heroes.

Players will want to play to earn the Lunar loot boxes in order to open and have a chance to obtain some of the new skins. In addition, players will be able to purchase the new Epic skins for 750 credits and the Legendary skins for 3,000 credits.

Did you miss out on last years Lunar New Year skins? Fear not, the skins released in previous iterations of the event have been added back and will be available in loot boxes as well as the store.

The event runs from January 24 to February 18, 2019.

Brigitte – General – Epic


Orisa – Sanye – Epic


Hanzo – Huang Zhong – Legendary


Reaper – Lü Bü – Legendary

Reinhardt – Guang Yu – Legendary


Torbjörn – Zhang Fei – Legendary


Tracer – Hong GilDong – Legendary


Zenyatta – Zhuge Liang – Legendary

The update comes alongside the news that Blizzard has cut the price of Overwatch for good. Fans or those interested can now grab the Standard Edition of the game for $19.99, down from $39.99. The Legendary Edition which includes specialty items such as hero skins and perks in other Blizzard titles will now sell for $39.99, reduced from $59.99.

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