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Scott “Daiya” Young, a flex-support player who participated in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup for Team UK took to Twitter to announce his retirement on Wednesday. Daiya stated there were multiple reasons including a lack of opportunity, low streaming revenue, and time.

Daiya’s message noted the changes Blizzard put into place regarding the new Contender’s format. On Oct. 30th, 2018, Blizzard listed numerous changes to the Contenders program for the 2019 Season. All regions would see a reduction of participating teams from 12 to 8 and the North American region would be split into a west and east region. In addition, the number of seasons would be reduced from three to two, and perhaps the one change that would affect Daiya the most–Contenders teams are now restricted to a maximum of three non-resident players on their roster.

“Reducing the amount of OD seasons pretty much means you only have two chances per year to make contenders or hopefully get noticed by a Contenders team,” Daiya told VPEsports. “This means there are so many months of just nothing to play in between the two seasons, which isn’t healthy for the scene at all in my opinion.”

Daiya believes that there is more room for other leagues in order to grow the game and create other opportunities.

“More tournaments means there’s more chances for teams and players to show their skills and hopefully get scouted,” Daiya said. “Blizzard wants full control over everything, but I don’t think the system works. Look at games like DOTA 2/CS:GO where there is a whole variety of tournaments people can play in to prove themselves below Tier 1.”

“This game was my entire life. I cared so much about winning and losing that i’d get so emotional over this game, at points I was even suicidal because it felt hopeless and this ruined my mentality. I’d get tilted so much, in ranked games and sometimes even scrims and official matches. It made me a bad teammate and for everyone who had to suffer with me during those moments i’m sorry and I regret it so much.”

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