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It is the fourth week of Overwatch League and the teams have slowly instituted a hierarchy between them. Right now I’d say the three best teams in the Overwatch League are: Vancouver Titans, NYXL, and San Francisco Shock.

I think those three teams have shown the highest ability to play the GOATs meta. Outside of them, there is no clear team for fourth. The teams that are in contention for this spot include: London Spitfire, Paris Eternal, Guangzhou Charge, and Atlanta Reign.

Paris seem to play the cleanest GOATs among the remaining teams. London have the best players in their roster and at times seem to know how to play GOATs when they try. Guangzhou Charge have one of the best D.Va players in Ria, but as a team they clearly have stage jitters. Atlanta Reign showed good form in the third week as they beat Paris Eternal.

The problem with rating these teams is that the schedules of each team is different. For Paris specifically, they’ve had a fairly soft schedule relative to some of the top teams and have a low sample size of games. In the first week, they played against a lackluster London. In week two, they played against Gladiators who are near the bottom of league. In the third week, they were beaten by Atlanta Reign. In that game, they didn’t looked tilted and Atlanta threw them off their game.

This week they will play against the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock. This is the week that will tell us the most about how good Paris Eternal are as a team. I consider both to be top three teams in the league, particularly in this meta. As that’s the case, we’ll get to see Paris will match up against them in a head-to-head and we’ll get a far better picture of where they actually stand in this League.

*One other thing I wanted readers to look out for is the Busan game between NYXL and San Francisco Shock. Shock have been running their B-team (Smurf, Rascal, Striker) on these maps with various Hammond comps. They’ve lost both times they’ve played on the map, so I’m interested to see what their approach is for this week.

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