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With the quarterfinals done for Korean Contenders, I thought I’d put down the players that I was most impressed with throughout the quarterfinals. They are:


From Stormquake vs MVP Space:


Kaiser, Proper and ttuba.


Kaiser was the clear MVP of that match as he consistently outplayed the MVP squad with consistent picks and well placed ults that secured multiple team fights. As for Proper, I thought he had a consistently good game on Zarya in that series and when he switched over to Tracer for Route 66, he was the player that helped them break the choke point on the second point of the map. From the MVP side, the biggest standout player was TTuba who seemed to play the best among their players (though Yaki was also good). Overall, I’m not surprised that MVP Space decided that TTuba was the player that survived their purge.


From Element Mystic vs Geekstar:


Sp9rk1e was the only player that really stood out. It might also be because he was on Doomfist which is a far more flashy hero than the typical GOATs stuff. Even then, it was clear he was the driving force of the team when they played the One Punch man style and even when they reverted to GOATS on the third map, he was also the standout player on Zarya.


Runaway vs KDP: I didn’t pick anyone from here because it was a stomp. I will say the entire Runaway team looks to be the best team in the playoffs though.


GC Busan Wave vs WGS.Armament: The three players that impressed me the most were Karayan, dpi, and Mandu. Karayan outmatched Ion with his Reinhardt ults. Dpi looked to be the best D.Va in the tournament. He disrupted the enemy, got solo picks, kept connecting with his ult combo, and consistently blocked Edison’s Zarya ults. Mandu controlled Busan incredibly well with his Lucio right clicks.

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