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After watching Element Mystic beat StormQuake into the ground, there were multiple thoughts running through my head. First was that Sp9rk1e was simultaneously my most loved and hated player in the league. I love how amazing he is on Doomfist and how his team consistently finds new tactical approaches to keep the composition fresh, and hate him because of how difficult his ID is to type.


The other thing I noted was that StormQuake didn’t have an answer for the Doomfist comp of Element Mystic. While Element Mystic have added a new deviation to that style of play*, it seemed pretty clear to me that Stormquake just didn’t have any of strategic answers needed to stop them. Outside of their quad DPS attack on Volskaya, they primarily stuck with GOATs to try to fend off Element Mystic. This didn’t seem like a winning strategy to me, especially as they were beaten on the control map fairly decisively. I could forgive them for that and I could even forgive them for thinking it could work on Hollywood, but by the third map they should have known that their GOATs wasn’t strong enough to beat Element Mystic’s Doomfist comp.


What I was expecting in map three was an adjustment. Instead they ran the same thing and died. While it’s hard to know what they were thinking in that moment, I personally thought that they should have just copied the Gigantti’s homework. In the EU Contenders quarterfinals, Gigantti played against British Hurricane. British Hurricane also used the Doomfist comp to great effect against that team and in order to counter it, Gigantti had to flex Daven to McCree and used a comp of: Rein/Winston, D.Va, McCree, Brig, Lucio, and Zen.


This comp should have been possible for StormQuake considering that I’ve seen Proper play the McCree in this season of Contenders. Unfortunately for them (and me), they never tried to use that comp. On top of that, I don’t think Runaway will bother using that comp either as their GOATs are better and they themselves can also run the Doomfist comp. I’d personally like to see what Gigantti could do against Element Mystic, but sadly that’s impossible.

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