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  • Hera defeats TheViper 4-0 to win the Arabia Invitational; Red Bull Wololo II gets its first four qualified players

    For a long time now, TheViper has been regarded as the best player in the Age of Empires II esports

    Red Bull Wololo II: The AoE 2 Empire Wars format returns with a prize pool of $30,000

    Red Bull hosted an Age of Empires II tournament in April 2020 with a new format: Empire Wars. The format

    Team Secret part ways with their Age of Empires roster of TheViper, Daut, TaToh and co.

    All good things must come to an end, and that's exactly what happened with Team Secret's Age of Empires II

    Age of Empires II: King of the Desert 3 will feature a prizepool of $50,000

    The Age of Empires II competitive scene is picking up steam and the next upcoming tournament is a testament to

    Age of Empires II July update brings buffs to Byzantines, Koreans and Portuguese; nerfs Battle Elephants

    The July update for Age of Empires II is here and there are quite a few civilizations that will be

    Interview with AoE II map creator Chrazini (Part 2)

    The amazing tournament, Battle of Africa 2, which conclucded recently, wouldn't have been so good if it hadn't been for

    Interview with AoE II map creator Chrazini (Part 1)

    The excitement in a game like Age of Empires II depends a lot on the map(s), and while players are

    King of the Desert 3 announced by MembTV for September

    The Age of Empires 2 esports scene is ramping up and one of the new stations on the hype train

    AfterMath defeat Team Secret 5-4 in the grand final to win Battle of Africa 2

    In a series worthy of a grand final, AfterMath caused a slight upset as they defeated touranment favorites Team Secret

    Battle of Africa 2: AfterMath, YinYang, Suomi and Team Secret are the final four

    The Age of Empires 2 tournament, Battle of Africa 2, which has a prize pool of over $20,000, is down

    Age of Empires II: Interview with Memb: "Many people have worked hard to keep this game alive"

    Daniel 'Memb' Molina is an Age of Empires scene veteran and one the most passionate and dynamic esports casters out

    Interview with Age of Empires player Hera: "Solo events breed the highest level of play"

    Age of Empires II has been gaining a lot of prominence as an esport and the number of tournaments are