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  • Winter Wyvern, Dota Auto Chess Pass and a Sven nerf hit Drodo’s Arcade Mode

    Dota Auto Chess latest patch brings a few new features to the game along with a new chess piece. Winter Wyvern

    Dota Auto Chess patch leaks: Sven joins the board as Demon-Warrior

    image by: Cuong Le Manh Although Valve announced their plan for a standalone Dota Auto Chess game, development that will go

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    image: Alliance The second edition of BEAT Dota 2 Auto Chess Showmatch gathered 16 professional players, streamers, commentators and coaches from

    DAC 2018 Team and General Statistics

    The Dota 2 Asia Championship is always a special tournament. The long duration of the tournament brings out the best

    Dota 2 Asia Championship Welcome Letters Are a Sight to Behold

    Steeped in honor and tradition, there is perhaps no better way of receiving a welcome to an event than those

    【DAC 2018】GH Interview: I really like the Chinese teams

    Winning The International is something that only a handful of Dota 2 players has experienced, one of them being Maroun

    BurNIng Interview: One Cannot Only Live For His Own Dreams

    The following is a translation of an interview conducted by Huomao. Dota 2 Asia Championships(DAC) 2018 will kick off on March