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  • Griffin's flawless streak ends in the most unbelievable way

    Photo by: LCK Flickr Griffin can bleed. We knew that much. Not many teams were able to scar them, but even

    Close but no cigar: how SKT lost to Griffin and one clutch back-door

    The match between SK Telecom and Griffin was hyped as the series to watch this LCK week, and with good

    Mark your calendars: SKT vs. Griffin super match is on this Friday

    Photo by: LCK Flickr Two of the best teams in the LCK will play each other this Friday, Mar. 8, standing

    Chovy reaches 104/1 KDA as Griffin obliterate SKT

    Photo by: LCK Flickr Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon is the best mid laner in LCK Spring 2019. The Griffin player proved it

    SKT plays Griffin on a must-watch LCK Thursday

    Photo by: Riot Games LCK Spring 2019 has been more than enticing so far. The first two weeks shaped standings that

    The LCK Spring standings officially make no sense

    Photo by: Riot Games A week and a half into the season, and the LCK is shaping up as the most

    Griffin leave the 2018 LCK season in a better place than they found it

    Outside of SK Telecom T1, no other team in all of 2018 LoL Champions Korea had as many eyes on

    The state of 2018 LCK Summer: how I started worrying and learned to love Griffin

    The mere existence of a team like Griffin is a feature writer's dream: a team of rookies against all odds,