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Riot Games unveils VALORANT Game Changers for "women and other marginalized genders"

Riot Games has announced the VCT Game Changers, a "new program which will supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities

VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1 NA - schedule & results

Stage 1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour in North America is nearing a close as we play the final games

VALORANT patch 2.03 nerfs Frenzy & Stinger, makes changes to Reyna & Yoru

Riot has released its latest VALORANT update in the form of patch 2.03. The update makes changes to Reyna and

VALORANT gets new Escalation LTM

A new game mode, Escalation, is launching in VALORANT tomorrow, February 17th. Escalation joins a cast of just three other

G2 Esports is now co-leader of the LEC after beating Rogue

This year, the LEC is having one of the most interesting Spring Splits that we have had in a while,

A crazy Samira bug provokes a remake in Fnatic's game against Excel

On Day 2 of Week 3 of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), the first half of the 2021

Riot Games works on Agent-specific keybinds in VALORANT

As usual, Riot Games is concerned about the doubts and questions from the community, and once again they have published

Riot Games strengthens its anti-AFK system with Patch 11.3

If anything has been a problem for Riot Games and the Community when it comes to talking about League of

League of Legends Patch 11.4 Preview: Goodbye, Jungle meta?

While most of the League of Legends regions are currently starting to play with the recently launched Patch 11.3, Riot

Team Vitality adds 'Crownshot' to its LEC roster after a bad start

It feels like centuries have passed since we were in the offseason and we had roster movements almost every day,

Riot Games Bans 'Nisay', Valorant European Rank 1, for the whole year

Europe's Valorant Rank 1, Yasi 'Nisay' Gök, has been banned by Riot Games and will not be allowed to compete

Schalke 04 starts a new version of the Miracle Run: 'Giant Slayer'

If you are a LEC fan you might remember what happened during the 2020 LEC Summer Split, where one of