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Faker: "I'm currently the best in the LCK"

With the start of the 2020 LCK Spring Split, SK Telecom T1 began a new journey, with a new name,

Vedius explains why SKT lost to G2 in the Worlds 2019 semis

On Sunday, the last remaining LCK team in SK Telecom T1 was eliminated from the 2019 League of Legends World

Vedius: "SKT have massive holes and they're not getting punished. I'm convinced they're going to get exploited at Worlds."

SK Telecom put on an impressive comeback performance in the second half of the LCK Summer Split. Starting at the

SKT cruise through DAMWON Gaming, qualify for Worlds 2019

SK Telecom T1 are the sixth team to qualify for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. SKT punched their

Khan: "I actually prepared Jax before the game. I expected they'll use many bans on top champions."

SK Telecom T1 are one game closer to repeating their LCK championship. On Wednesday, the winningest franchise in LoL history

SKT's nine-game win streak defines the most contested LCK playoffs race in recent memory

One will be hard pressed to find a more tangled LCK season than the current 2019 Summer one. Its Spring

Faker on winning Rift Rivals: "We were able to wash away some of the regrets from past tournaments."

Last Sunday, Korea's LCK emerged champions of Rift Rivals for the first time in tournament's history. In a four-game grand

SKT win the latest Telecom War, end their five-game loss streak

SK Telecom T1 have finally found a win in the LCK after five consecutive losses. The reigning Spring champions came

SKT's gut-punching losing streak in the LCK continues

SK Telecom T1 are not having a great summer split. The reigning LCK champions have now lost four games in

SKT vs. G2 semifinal peaks at 1.68M viewers

The 2019 Mid-Season Invitational has created one of the most exciting — and longest awaited — narratives in professional League of Legends:

Backdoor, Pyke, and a pentakill: G2 beat SKT in MSI 2019 semis

For the first time ever in competitive League of Legends, there will be an all-western international grand final. On Saturday,

SKT vs. G2, iG vs. Team Liquid: the MSI semifinals are locked

It will be a classic East vs. West bracket in the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational semifinals. After Invictus Gaming finished 1st