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  • Tims, Sumail and Miracle all crack the All-Star roster

    For The International 2019 the All-Star match was announced to be drafted based on the players fantasy points score and

    The International 2019 Main Event bracket confirmed

    Now that the group stages of The International 2019 have come to an end, we are almost ready to enter and Evil Geniuses turn the tide to reach the TI9 upper bracket playoffs

    The International 2019 group stage has come to its conclusion after four intense days. Along with an unbelievable twisted meta

    Ninjas in Pyjamas end their TI9 journey in the group stage

    Although Group B its not fully decided just yet at The International 2019, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ fate is sealed. After three

    TNC and Newbee secure TI9 upper bracket

    The International 2019’s group stage has been one of the most intense and entertaining in the history of the event

    OG’s coach says the team has never practiced Io carry for TI9

    The group stage matches at The International 2019 have already set this event as being the most entertaining TI ever. Starting

    djWHEAT has withdrawn from TI9

    At The International 2018, Marcus 'djWHEAT' Graham became better known to the Dota 2 community when he teamed up with

    TI9 groups day 3: PSG.LGD and OG top their groups; 12 teams still fighting for upper bracket

    Day 3 of the TI9 group stages is over and we have a few answers on which teams will be

    Chaos Esports Club are the first team to be eliminated from TI9

    The TI9 group stage has been a roller coaster ride and we still don't have a lot of answers as

    OG first team to be guaranteed upper bracket; Virtus Pro fight back

    Virtus Pro were in a bad place after their first series on day 3 of the TI9 group stages. They

    TNC are the first team to take a game off Team Secret at TI9

    Team Secret were 8-0 at TI9 after the end of day 2 of the group stages. At the start of

    TI9 group stages day 2 round-up: OG and PSG.LGD flourish, EG recover, Infamous surprise, Liquid and VP in trouble

    Day 2 of the TI9 group stages is over and we've seen some crazy results in Shanghai giving us an