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  • shroud "out of commission" following scooter accident

    Photo: ELEAGUE Michael "shroud" Grzesiek may be away from Twitch for awhile the popular streamer has revealed. Initially just tweeting "No stream

    Fortnite overtakes Apex Legends, back to #1 on Twitch

    Fortnite is back to where it's used to be: being the #1 game on Twitch. According to data website Twitch

    xQc reacts to hacker in Apex Legends

    Photo: xQc Twitch While Respawn Entertainment has done a good job of keeping the game clean, they can't stop it all.

    Although it's slowed down, Apex Legends is still #1 on Twitch

    Nobody expected Apex Legends to keep up with the record-breaking viewership numbers week in and week out. According to data

    Twitch streamer Ninja to appear on Celebrity Family Feud

    (Photo: ABC/Family Feud) The world's recording breaking Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has revealed the news that he and his family

    Apex Legends breaks Twitch records, records 8.28M hours watched in a single day

    Apex Legends has broken Twitch viewership records in the battle royale genre with its Twitch Rivals event on Tuesday. Respawn's

    On average, people watch 5.2M hours of Apex Legends every day

    Since Apex Legends launched on Feb. 4, fans have consumed more than 36.1M hours of its content on Twitch. This

    Apex Legends is still the most watched game on Twitch, hits 10M players in 72 hours

    Artwork by: Respawn Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends battle royale has launched to booming success. The first day of the game peaked

    Twitch Channel Showing XXX Porn

    When Rod "Slasher" Breslau took to Twitter to tell the world that Twitch was showing hardcore pornography, he wasn't telling

    Streamer gets banned after getting blowjob on stream

    It must've been a mixed feeling Sunday for Twitch streamer etole11. The broadcaster streamed live receiving a blowjob, only to

    Streamer Goes Topless While Live, Gets 3 Day Ban

    Mistakes were made. Romanian Twitch streamer Lucia "Lucia_omnomnom" was banned from the popular broadcasting platform for three days following an

    Man Who Assaulted Wife on Stream Returns to Twitch

    Almost a month after a domestic violence incident was caught live on Twitch, the reported attacker has returned to live