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  • RobAJG: "Nobody takes Magic seriously as an esport except Magic players."

    In part 2 of my interview with TCG veteran and now a caster and analyst Robert "RobAJG" Gonzales, we talk

    Wizards' Mythic Invitational format is a sour, but necessary entry into esports

    Artwork source: MTG Salvation Wizards of the Coast’s announcement of the Magic: The Gathering million-dollar Mythic Invitational released to mixed reception.

    Wizards announce details and new format for the first $1M Magic: The Gathering invitational

    2019 is about to be a big year for Magic: The Gathering, the father of all card games. Late in

    $10 million circuit for Magic The Gathering esports announced

    It seems Wizards of the Coast have finally embraced esports seriously. The company is making moves to digitize the experience