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Zeta Division to skip VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier

The organization will use the rest of the year to rebuild the team for 2022.

Sources: VALORANT EMEA Game Changers event rules prevent certain marginalized genders, including non-binary persons, from competing

Rules for the event differ from its North American counterpart, which is more inclusive.

BLAST to host another Spike Nations VALORANT event featuring 60,000 euro Riot-funded charity prize pool

Nations will collide.

Fracture removed from VALORANT competitive queue due to bug

It shouldn't be too long before Fracture is back.

VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 bundle is now available for purchase

Anime fans, rejoice.

VALORANT devs ‘not happy’ with current loading screen player banners

Executive producer Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon responded to a fan asking to "bring back full banners."

Omen player uses nifty ultimate trick to grab Spike and 1-vs-4 clutch a VALORANT round

Ice in their veins.

Fracture, VALORANT’s latest map, is now live in ranked queue

Good luck out there.

VALORANT dev shares thoughts on why making Jett’s dash go in the direction you’re facing won’t ‘solve the core of the problem’

How would you fix Jett?

Raze can open Bind’s Teleporter doors from the outside using Boom Bot in VALORANT

At least knock first.

KAY/O gets flash and ultimate buffed in VALORANT Patch 3.06

Riot is showing the robot some love.