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VALORANT Champions Tour to start January 27th - schedule & details

The VALORANT Champions Tour is ready to kick off in 2021. Starting on January 27th and running through March 21st,

Riot Games introduces Season 2021 Fan Art Contest

With the beginning of the year, a new season starts for Riot Games, and to celebrate the success of their

Back to back TI champion Ana reaches the highest rank in Valorant

Two-time TI champion Anathan "ana" Pham is taking his time off to play different games and try other genres. His

VALORANT 2.0 adds Yoru, buffs Brimstone, nerfs Omen & Classic, and more - patch notes

VALORANT patch 2.0 has gone live. With it comes the addition of the games 14th Agent, Yoru, a buff to

VALORANT patch 2.00 will buff Brimstone, nerf Omen & Classic pistol

Brimstone and Omen are being targeted in the next VALORANT update alongside the Classic pistol. VALORANT Patch 2.00 isn't here

Riot reveals Yoru as 14th VALORANT Agent - abilities, lore & more

Riot has officially revealed VALORANT's next Agent, Yoru. The 14th Agent to make its way to VALORANT has been detailed

VALORANT's 14th agent "Yoru" leaked - abilities & more

The 14th Agent expected to hit VALORANT has been leaked. In a post to reddit from user Retro-Indietro, the latest

Ninja gets in heated exchange in VALORANT; "I don't give a f*** what your net worth is"

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins didn't hold back much in a heated game of VALORANT, but it wasn't his opponents that set

Is GeT_RiGhT swapping to VALORANT? Teaser video says yes

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund appears to be making the switch to VALORANT. While he hasn't made an official statement, he did

NRG sign Shanks to VALORANT lineup

NRG have made an addition to their VALORANT lineup with the signing of Ryan "Shanks" Ngo. The young Canadian recently

Alliance announces move into VALORANT; James Banks to serve as GM

Former Dota 2 The International champions, Alliance, have revealed plans to jump into VALORANT. With Riot Games' popular first-person shooter