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Urgent VALORANT micro-patch to solve Icebox problems and other errors

Two days have passed since Riot Games announced the Patch 1.10 alongside the Act III of VALORANT, which brought a

VALORANT Act 3 v1.10 update - patch notes: new map, deathmatch changes, & competitive update

VALORANT update 1.10 brings forth the start of Act III which includes a host of new content and some big

VALORANT's Skye revealed: abilities, release date, & more

Skye is officially revealed in her entirety. While the new VALORANT Agent won't be joining the fray until October 27th

Skye revealed as 13th VALORANT Agent

VALORANT has revealed Skye as the latest Agent making its way to the game. The new Agent will sport a

NRG add CSGO professional s0m to new VALORANT lineup

Just days after announcing their move into Riot's popular first-person shooter VALORANT, NRG has added another Counter-Strike professional to the

Riot reveals new VALORANT map "Icebox"

Riot has revealed the first footage of a new VALORANT map titled Icebox. In a video posted to Twitter, the

CR4ZY drop all esports teams due to financial uncertainty in pandemic times

Croatian esports organization CR4ZY terminated the contracts with all their teams and players and will move forward “focusing on smaller

100 Thieves add Asuna & dicey from Immortals to complete VALORANT roster

100 Thieves have officially completed their new VALORANT lineup. The organization has signed Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk and Quan "diceyzx" Tran

VALORANT patch notes 1.09: Jett, OP, & Reyna nerfed, Brimstone & Viper buffed

Riot Games has released VALORANT patch 1.09 featuring some long requested changes including nerfs to both Jett & the OP

Riot unveils two VALORANT new skin sets: G.U.N. and Smite

Riot Games is being quite active recently in terms of new stuff coming to VALORANT. This week we have known

Riot Games reveals First Strike VALORANT tournament series

Riot Games has announced its plans to run its own VALORANT tournament titled First Strike. This is Riot's next step