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Riot Games has announced the VCT Game Changers, a “new program which will supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within VALORANT esports.”

The program is set to be built around “two more competitive initiatives” including the VCT Game Changers Series and the VCT Game Changers Academy. These events will consist of large competitions around the world meant to match the scale of the previous year’s Ignition Series events.

The Academy will host monthly tournaments for players to compete “compete at the semi-pro and grassroots level.” These events will be ran in partnership with GALORANTs.

According to Executive Producer Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon, this is just another step in making the game a more welcoming place for all members of the community.

“While we’re addressing this challenge in-game, with improvements to chat, voice communications, and mitigation of griefing, we also see an opportunity to take another step with esports.”

She also stated that “competing in games as a woman can be a daunting task, oftentimes resulting in a very real competitive disadvantage,” and that this is a continuing effort to help combat this.

VCT Game Changers is set to start in March according to the official announcement on the VALORANT website.

“We believe that Game Changers will be an important next step in that direction and we can’t wait to see things kick off in March. We’re dedicated to making VALORANT the social experience you deserve, and we’re looking forward to working towards that goal together. Thank you, and good luck to those of you who’ll be competing!”

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