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Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent coming to their soon-to-release first-person shooter, VALORANT. Reyna is her name and she looks mighty fun.

The eleventh Agent revealed the for highly anticipated game, Reyna will be playable upon the official release of the game scheduled for June 2nd.

Reyna’s HUD is adjusted to fit her abilities which look to be quite different from anything we’ve seen up until this point. With one bar encompassing two abilities, it looks like players will have to choose which ability is best in the moment, taking away their chance to use the opposite in that slot.

From the video released on Twitter, it appears that when Reyna takes down an enemy, a purple orb will drop in their place. From there it looks like she can either choose to heal or to collect the orb. With the line “give me your heart” she collects the orb and loses one charge in her dual ability. When she gets another kill it charges it, however, and then another kill charges her ability back up.

Her “E” ability looks to be some sort of flash that hovers where it’s released, blinding those who look at it which is shown with her last kill on to Jett. In addition, her opponents flow red which may just be a visual indicator that they’ve been blinded.

In terms of her ultimate, it appears it gives her health regeneration with a combat stim so long as she picks up another kill within the timer running just to the left of her health bar.

Right now there’s still plenty of questions regarding her kit and how it really works, but we can’t deny she looks pretty awesome.

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