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The controversy between Meteos and 100 Thieves has been nothing short of just that – controversy. It’s been the talk of the League of Legends community since Meteos himself tweeted (in a now deleted tweet) that his contract was traded to FlyQuest. The root cause of the problem is that many feel like he was blindsided and now pushed into a scenario where he will now have no opportunity to play with the team. 100 Thieves has taken a lot of heat from this and have responded via Twitter.

The tweet reads as follows:

“Last week, Meteos asked us for permission to talk to other teams about being traded. Despite our team’s success in the Spring Split and a strong start to the Summer Split, there’s been a lack of chemistry and cohesion between the players and the coaching staff. This has been an issue we’ve struggled with internally for some time and have tried to fix, but both sides realized a change was needed. After discussing with Meteos, our players, and our coaching staff, we decided a roster move would benefit everyone and that the best path forward would be trading Meteos for a different jungler.

We evaluated our options and after talking with potential trading partners around the league, we believed that trading Meteos to FlyQuest for AnDa was the best option for him and 100 Thieves. FlyQuest informed us that Meteos would have an opportunity to integrate and compete for a spot on the starting roster. We spoke with Meteos about the trade yesterday evening, prior to executing the trade. After talking with us, he talked with FlyQuest about the opportunity with them, and shared his thoughts on social media.

We’re beyond grateful to Meteos for everything he has contributed to 100 Thieves and truly wish him the best with his future endeavors.

We are excited to welcome AnDa to 100 Thieves. AnDa will be starting for us beginning in week 4.”

Photo: LoL Esports

It seems as if he was okay with a trade and 100 Thieves took the best offer on the table for the organization. You see this in traditional sports all the time. Unless a player has a limited or no trade clause where they can select a team or deny a trade to specific teams, 100 Thieves acted well within their rights to further benefit their organization as most traditional sports organizations do in trade scenarios.

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